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Message for Amicus volunteers regarding the state government shutdown

June 30, 2011

Special Post from Amicus President Louise Wolfgramm

Dear Amicus volunteers,

Assuming no resolution regarding the state government budget is reached tonight, we want to make you aware of the impact upon both your volunteer service and Amicus as a whole.

Amicus will be impacted by a shutdown both financially and in our ability to provide services, but in the short-term, the most noticeable impact will be on our One to One matches.

Only Department of Corrections staff designated as critical will be working during a shutdown and, as a result, no visitors, including One to One volunteers, will be allowed inside correctional facilities for the duration of a shutdown.

The following message is from the Department of Corrections:

The Minnesota Department of Corrections will be continuing only critical functions during this shutdown and will be minimally staffed.  Volunteer services will be suspended at all DOC facilities beginning Friday, July 1, 2011. Volunteers will be notified when the shutdown ends and volunteer services can resume.

 We would like to take this opportunity to express appreciation for the committed volunteers that complete and participate in so many valuable programs. The positive impact of volunteerism is felt throughout the DOC and is a valued resource.

 Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this difficult time.

Amicus will also be feeling a financial impact. In addition to the support from our donors and foundations, most Amicus programs receive significant portions of their funding through contracts and grants that are administered by the state.  In the event of a government shutdown, One to One staff will be available for consultation and Reconnect will continue operating without grant disbursements from the state for up to a month.

We will inform you as soon as we hear visiting privileges are reinstated. You may call us at 612-348-8570 and we’ll also post what we know on our website and social media sites.

Thanks as always for your patience, dedication and friendship, as we move through this time of uncertainty.


Louise Wolfgramm

Amicus President

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