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A Circle of Lions

In January of 2012, the Saint Paul Circle of Peace, an Amicus-supported grassroots organization dedicated to decreasing youth violence, took 55 people to the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis to watch a live performance of “The Lion King.”

Much of the performance’s audience that night in January went to the Orpheum to see the story of a lion finding his way back to Pride Rock. The Circle of Peace brought its own young lions.


Amicus 40th Anniversary–   “Seeing is believing”

As ubiquitous as this American quote is, it nevertheless holds true that the act of witnessing an event makes it more real.
Amicus has captured events underscoring the strenuous, often perilous journey of relationships and reentry for ex-offenders.

Devil On One Shoulder

This trailer for the upcoming documentary “Devil on One Shoulder” is provided courtesy of HallFoushee Communications. HallFoushee Communications

Amicus volunteering at Rondo Days

The need for friendship making an impact in the community.

The Pen Friends Program-A Partnership

St. Paul, Minnesota – Unity Church-Unitarian Restorative Justice Team Member Maura Williams discusses Pen Friends, a new letter-writing project matching volunteers with inmates in Minnesota Correctional Facilities for correspondence.

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